Andrea Sexton

Thank you for visiting my site. As you read my story, I hope that you will see how much alike we are. Even though my treatment choice might be different from the one you have chosen or will choose, we can all benefit from the 9 Healing Factors of Radical Remission©. Click here so we can start the conversation.

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Certified Radical Remission© Workshop Teacher

Certified Radical Remission© Coach

Certified Wellness Coach

Cancer Thriver

Mission Statement

To compassionately serve and support those with cancer. To provide the strategies and resources needed to manage stress, reduce toxins and strengthen the immune system. To empower them with the 9 Healing Factors of Radical Remission© and support them as they implement the action steps into their lives in the order that is most important for each of them.

Using the 10 Healing Factors of Radical Remission© will help you to:

"When you are facing a serious diagnosis, surround yourself with people who believe in you. Those people won’t ask you to shoulder their worries and fears while you are dealing with your own. People who believe in you will say things like, "You've got this" and "I'm with you." They will listen to you with an open mind and an open heart. They will stay with you through the highs and lows and be your refuge when you need it."
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